How to Choose a Sire Horse

The partnership between the right sire horse and his dam is of the utmost importance when it comes to continuing strong bloodlines and breeding champions. At Clear Mountain Fairview, we believe in paying extremely close attention to detail when it comes to our sire service and leave nothing to chance. We are in the business of developing the finest thoroughbred horses in the beautiful Queensland Darling Downs region and we put full faith behind our achievements. We firmly believe in carefully planning a profitable mating partnership. We bring years’ worth of experience of successful productions to the table when it comes to being the breeder of choice for so many successful owners. 

We run a completely transparent operation at Clear Mountain Fairview and believe it is in the best interests of our clients to know exactly what goes into the breeding selection process. Here is a brief guide on how to choose a sire horse – straight from the horse’s mouth to your eyes and ears!

Choosing a sire horse

The stud fee is only the beginning of the process of choosing and selecting the correct sire horse – many people mistakenly believe they will merely be paying for a sire service and that will be the end of the transaction. Using the services of a highly-trained veterinarian will take into consideration the costs that are to be incurred that are specifically related to the pregnant mare or dam as well as the delivery fee of the foal. Consider, as well, the costs involved with spelling and housing your newborn and you will be looking at a considerable cost. Make sure that you are working with a professional breeder who is completely transparent about these charges and who will leave nothing to chance. 

When selecting a stallion you will be faced with a wealth of choices that will allow you the opportunity to:

  • Evaluate the performance of other offspring
  • Delve into his pedigree 
  • Employ your veterinarian to identify any physical hindrances to your sire’s chances of developing a satisfactory offspring. 

Genetics is always a gamble but procuring a stud service with a high quality, established and conformationally superior stallion will put you racing miles ahead of those who just rely on the conformation points of the mare herself. 

<h2>Physical attributes to examine when selecting a stud service stallion</h2>

Again, it must be stressed that the attendance of a trained veterinarian and the advice of your prospective trainers (and a stud service that you can put good faith in) is of incredible importance. The below information is delivered as a rough physical guide only and should not be the only point of reference that you use in order to make your decision.

Key physical attributes

  • An aesthetically pleasing head including wide nostrils and bright eyes
  • A muscular, strong neck that is weighted correctly onto shoulders
  • Sloping shoulders that sit at a 45-degree angle
  • A rounded (not slender) girth that makes space for healthy heart and lung placement
  • A strong yet short back
  • Satisfactory length of hip and tail set
  • The presence of strong, thick gaskins
  • Clean hocks that are in line with the rear end of the horse
  • Rounded fetlocks without sesamoid bones being too prominent
  • Short and strong cannon bones
  • Clean, flat knees that are in line with the shoulders
  • Powerful forearms

It is a combination of all of the above listed elements that will provide you with a strong, capable stallion who is fit to sire. 

Sire horses at Clear Mountain Fairview

We have a number of sire horses who will be just perfect for your siring needs. You can find their details below. Contact us directly to discuss yearly fees that are payable on delivery of the live foal. 


Jabali will allow you to take advantage of lucrative QTIS bonuses. He is a strong horse who featured in the 2019-20 First Season Sires table with his two year olds’ displaying highly impressive form. As a racer, he had an incredible career which has been passed down to his offspring. 

Jabali won the Group 2 Queensland Guineas, was an outstanding two year old record runner up in the Group 1 Blue Diamond States and the runner-up to Group 2 in the Group 3 Blue Diamond Prelude. He has had 13 of 17 starts at black type level. 

Trainer Mick Price confirms Jabali’s impressive strengths when he was 2 and 3 years old and supports his status as a fine choice for sire service.

Love Conquers All

Love Conquers All is on offer as an exceptional sire horse that has an impressive pedigree and is available for sire at competitive rates. 

This fantastic stallion was Champion Australian First Season Sire (by winners) and Champion Queensland Sire for First, Second and Third Seasons. More recently, he was the Leading Queensland Sire (based on wins) for the 2019-20 season. 

Tenacious and tough, this racehorse has won more than $1.3 million in prizemoney as well as being awarded Stakes winner FIVE times. 

Successful offspring include Savanna Amour, I’m a Rippa and Mr Marbellouz. 


A fantastic progeny is in Wanted’s resume. He had an incredible racing history and his offspring have left their marks on the landscape of racing. The son of Fastnet Rock, Wanted has earned more than $1.1 million in prizemoney and made some remarkable achievements in his racing career. 

Worthy Cause

Worthy Cause is an impressive group winner and the powerful son of champion sire Choisir. A plucky, strong racehorse, he had success as a 2, 3 and 4 year old and has experienced a number of highs in his racing career supported by his own prestigious pedigree line and family tree. 


What a truly impressive race card this horse has! The progeny of this powerful stallion include Sniplaz, Tough Luck, Zaha’s Pride and Stop Lying. The impressive pedigree speaks for itself with Zaha being the son of famed King Mambo, the world’s leading turf sire and the father of champion sires across the globe.

The importance of measured sire selection

Meeting with the Clear Mountain Fairview team will point you in the right direction when it comes to sire selection. You’ll be witness to the process of determining which sire should go with which dam to ensure that the appropriate connections are made. You will understand what is expected, from timelines to transaction fees, and you will be able to make selections based on the wise advice and experience of those of us onsite. 

Clear Mountain Fairview sires come with impeccable pedigrees and racing successes to rival any stud service in Australia. The beautiful Darling Downs landscape makes the perfect home for your foal during their gestation and spelling period.

Contact us today to begin your exciting journey of horse ownership via the use of our prestigious stud service at Clear Mountain Fairview.