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Frequently asked questions about our stallion services

If you have some burning questions about our stallion services, and you haven’t found the answers throughout our pages, take a look at our most frequently asked questions below. If you’re still unsure, you’re always welcome to contact us for more information.

What are your stallion service fees?

It varies. Prices start from $4,950 with Pay On Live Foal (POLF) terms. Visit our thoroughbred profiles or talk to our stud manager for information specific to your requirements. Stallion service fees are payable upon the live birth of a foal or speak to us about the option of paying on a 45 Day Positive Preg Test.

How do you decide on what stallion your broodmare should visit?

Stallion matings are determined by a range of factors, including:

Desirable pedigree

Desired and preferred conformational traits

Desired performance traits

Expectations for future breeding seasons

Do you do stallion-mare matching?

Yes. While breeders decide which stallion they’re after, we can assist by providing a hypothetical mating. We do extensive stallion-mare matching to ensure the best chance for future progeny.

How long has Clear Mountain Fairview been a stud farm?

A family business from the very beginning, we started in Clear Mountain in the heart of Queensland’s premier breeding district in the late 1980s with the purchase of 40 acres of property. With a few shifts of venue to accommodate our growth over the years, you will find us in the heart of the Darling Downs. Learn more about our long history in the Queensland breeding and racing industry in our history section.

What is ‘sire service’?

This is where breeders bring their mares to our stud farm to visit their hand-selected sire with the intention of producing a foal. Visit our Stallions page for more information about our superior-quality studs.

What does a stud service entail?

Our selective breeding process produces equine athletes of the finest quality. When a mare is likely to be most sexually receptive (usually during spring and summer), she will be served by the intended stallion on a timeline that will lead to a foal being born as close to September 1st as possible.

What is bloodstock?

Bloodstock is the collective term for horses that have been bred for racing. Another common term for this is thoroughbred.

Do you sell to bloodstock agents?

Yes. For more information, please visit our Private Sales and Magic Millions Auction pages, or contact us directly on 07 4697 1198.

Do you have broodmares for sale?

Yes we do. Our fillies are generally sold as yearlings or racehorses, however some fillies and mares are raced by Clear Mountain Fairview so once retired, many become broodmares.

How can I learn more about your resident stallion’s ‘horse pedigree’?

You can find out more about our resident stallions in two ways. You can visit their individual pages, or alternatively you can look them up on the Pedigree Online Thoroughbred Database.

Are all of your horses champion thoroughbreds?

We carefully choose the bloodstock to breed elite equine athletes. All of our resident stallions are Group winners as well as being the sons of champion sires.

Is your stud farm located near me?

If you are located near Brisbane, the Gold Coast or Toowoomba, then chances are the answer is yes. Our 990-acre property is situated on the Darling Downs, in the heart of Queensland’s premier breeding district and south-east Queensland’s racing scene.

Directions can be found on our contact page.

Do you sell to racehorse syndicates?

Yes, we sure do. Learn more about our purchase options on our Private Sales page or on our Magic Millions Auction section.

Can I visit your spelling paddock?

Yes. When your racehorse is spelled with us, or you are agisting a horse with us, you are welcome to check in on your investment at any time. We give our spelled and agisted horses the highest standard of attention every day that they are with us.

How much does it cost to agist a horse?

Rates vary depending on the length of time and the individual care plan of your horse. For a specific quote, get in touch with our stud manager, Mick Frappell.

What breeds make up a thoroughbred?

Thoroughbreds were first bred in Great Britain during the 17th and 18th centuries. The most notable stallions (male horses) which helped create the breed were known as the Darley Arabian, the Godolphin Arabian and the Byerley Turk.

Do you offer partial stable boarding?

No. Partial stable boarding is where owners and trainers use shared facilities and/or paddocks to board , care and feed their own horses. Clear Mountain Fairview offers all inclusive spelling and agistment services where our team cares and feeds your horse(s) under the supervision of experienced stud manager Mick Frappell.