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Frappell FamilyClear Mountain Fairview’s vision

“To be a respected leader in the national thoroughbred industry.”

Clear Mountain Fairview’s mission

  • To provide expert advice and reputable service to assist our customers in achieving their thoroughbred livestock goals through the delivery of personalised service built on open communication, integrity and passion.
  • To increase the quality of thoroughbred stock produced by Clear Mountain Fairview in order to continue breeding winners to increase consumer confidence in our product and inspire repeat business.

Our promise

Our promise to our valued owners, breeders and trainers is to always treat your thoroughbred with the individual care it needs and deserves.

We will provide specific dietary, exercise, veterinarian and educational services crafted to your horse’s needs.

We will treat your thoroughbred as if it were our own, providing daily attention, affection and a specialised feeding regime.

We will always treat your thoroughbred with kindness and respect. Every single staff member at Clear Mountain Fairview is a devoted horse lover. We believe that every horse needs to trust its handlers and enjoy their surroundings. We will get to know your horse and respect their unique personality.

We will always act with integrity and treat all horses in our care as the amazing living creatures that they are. We don’t believe your thoroughbred is simply a ‘product’, we believe they’re a magnificent animal and should be treated with care and love.

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