mare and foal

Meet our stallions

For three decades, we’ve been fulfilling our mission to provide expert advice, reputable service and to breed elite equine athletes with integrity. Our resident stallions come from champion bloodlines. Our attention to stallion mare matching has proven that we produce future generations of winners. We’re proud to have some of the ‘royal family’ of thoroughbred stallions standing at our Queensland stud farm.

Our stallion service

Our stallion service begins with careful stallion/mare matching. Our success in breeding thoroughbred athletes is based on carefully choosing the right genetic traits matched between quality parents. Your mare will be matched to a stallion with the perfect traits for her bloodlines, or you can choose your stallion from our resident stallion roster. The advertised stallion service fees are payable on a live birth of a foal (POLF) or ask about our terms for payment on a 45 Day Positive Pregnancy Test.

Holistic approach to thoroughbred breeding

As Queensland’s only thoroughbred career stud farm, our mare matching is just the beginning for breeders. We work with you to decide how to get the most from our stallion roster. Whether you just need your mare served or you’d like to work with us long term to develop your equine athlete, we are here to help:

  • Stallion Service
  • Pregnancy Care
  • Foaling
  • Mare and Foal Agistment
  • Weanling Education
  • Preparation for Sale
  • Breaking-in & Pre-Training
  • Racehorse Spelling

Our stud stallions

Meet our current stud stallions. See a sire stallion you love? Click on his image to see his stud fee, racing history, pedigree and his winning progeny.