Clear Mountain Fairview offers short or long term agistment for mares, yearlings and weanlings.

Blessed with exceptional ground water, the 990 acre property has an ideal mix of improved pasture and irrigated paddocks, giving valuable livestock a holiday oasis.

In light of the recent water problems and the appreciation for lush vegetation, our irrigated cultivation ensures green pastures for all aspects of thoroughbreds.

With abundant water and our dedicated agricultural team, we ensure your livestock are given every chance of developing into an elite athlete just by the way they spend their time in the paddock.

In addition to access to extensive pasture, horses receive a daily nutritional programme designed and overseen by stud manager Mick Frappell.

An on call veterinarian provides 24 hour/7 day a week support and a dedicated farrier ensures regular trimming and corrective shoeing services.

The low humidity is complemented by the elements in the soil and water and with the cooler climate throughout the year, it produces the perfect racehorse growing conditions.